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The Australian Shareholder Centre reviews the company XERO Limited – the creator of the “Beautiful Accounting Software”. XERO focuses on the revolutionary system of cloud accounting. The founder and CEO of XERO is Rod Drury, whose aim was to materially improve GDP globally by making small businesses more productive using cloud accounting technology. They are a multinational company with offices in USA, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. XERO was able to make a huge profit in its stealth period by operating only inside New Zealand, keeping out of sight of the larger, legacy competitors.

When founding XERO Limited in 2006, Rod Drury decided that XERO needed $15 million for start up and so listed XERO in the New Zealand stock exchange and then the Australian Securities Exchange to raise the money needed. The plan worked beautifully and now XERO is worth $2 billion. Australian Shareholder Centre Reviews understood that the rise in the XERO Limited’s cost per share was astronomical, making some shareholders rich overnight as the company grew. The accounting software was tested with the large client base full of small and medium businesses.
XERO Limited knew that the lesser businesses had a very hard time with accounting and so catered to their needs instead of the larger businesses. XERO was also made to look beautiful in an attempt to take some of the boredom out of accounting. The Australian Shareholder Centre reviews realized that XERO has already made a hefty profit of $67 million and is planning on expanding its offices in USA.


The Australian Shareholder Centre reviews that it is a fact that XERO Limited is gearing up to face the competitors who want to catch up to the massive leap XERO has made in the cloud accounting business. Other companies have already started making their own cloud accounting software. The Australian shareholder Centre reviews has data that indicates XERO is improving its own cloud accounting software to counter any other cloud accounting software the competitors might make.



This post updates…
The Australian Shareholder centre reviews that on the 9th of July, the National Business Review noted that Xero fell from a record high. The cloud-based accounting company fell 7.4 percent to $17.40. The Australian Centre reviews that it is still up 147 percent this year.


Thus the fluctuation of the share market continues. The Australian Shareholder Centre reviews that a financial adviser noted that is is the nature of stocks that trade at very high multiples.